analysis / linux / death

I did extremely bad on that analysis exam last week. I should start doing homework in that class.

Even More Linux Crap

We installed rh9 onto the ups server/workstation. Gnome is not useable on a pII-233, and there are no smaller windowmanagers. So we installed windowmaker. I find that using this script helps with getting the windowmaker menus into good shape.

Linux on the Vaio is utterly unusable right now. I'm not going to fool with it any more for a while. The other day, I booted into windows, installed putty and phoenix and got some work sshing into a linux server and doing my work there.

Happy Good Friday. Except that it's not a particularly happy holiday. It's all about sin and death. [Hal rummages through his old tapes.] Here we go: my copy of Jesus Christ Superstar. No holy week could be complete without a thourough listening to JCS. I'll probably play some Bach passions as well.