More Linux Crap

Note: the fact that .Xdefauts doesn't work is due to the fact that the file has been renamed .Xresources.

I tried installing Red Hat 9 onto my Vaio SRX87 this week. The install program did see my hard drive and firewire CD-Rom. I repartitioned and installed. Everything worked great, except for:

  1. modem. I need to search for linmodem drivers
  2. wireless. It was not auto detected, as far as I can tell. Maybe there's a simple workaround.
  3. plug and play usb keyboard and mouse.
  4. The usb-uhci kernal modult keeps giving error messages.
  5. No way to adjust display brightness to save battery life.
  6. No Hibernation.
  7. Some other instabilities, possibly due to usb-uhci errors

These are all possible show stoppers. So I wiped the hard drive and reallocated 9 Gb for windows and 11 Gb for linux partitions. Now it's a dual boot system.

It's a great computer, but Sony needs to get behind OSS.

My next project is to upgrade the ups server/workstation.

I have an exam friday evening at 6:30. Can you believe that?