summer plans

It's a rainy grey week. That's okay, because the plants need rain. But it had better brighten up soon.

This summer.

I don't know if I've mentioned my plans for the summer yet. I'm going to go hike pieces of the appalachian trail. Here's the plan :

  1. Next week and the week after: Take exams
  2. The week after next: Find apartment for next fall, start packing up my things, rent storage location, get new cell phone. Buy new tent, backpack. Order more maps of the trail.
  3. The weekend of the 17th. Do some hiking and camping. Shakedown.
  4. The Week of the 18th: Move all of my possession into (1) Storage and (2) my car. Buy a lot of food for the trip (Plan on buying more along the way). Liquify investments to pay for summer. Set up automatic bill payments for most bills. Cancel phone. Have mail forwarded to <where?>. Tell landlord I'm gone; turn in keys.
  5. Weekend of the 24th: Party. When I'm sober again, begin drive east towards misty mountains. (Don't forget to budget for gas. Thank Allah we won the last war.)
  6. Go to somewhere on the southern end of the trail, park car and begin hiking. Buy more food as appropriate. After 10 days, turn around and hike back to car.
  7. Weekend of June 20-22: Visit Memphians. Attend a wedding. Get smashed and embarass the bride and groom.
  8. After that, go back to AT. Hike loops in VA and parts north. Visit family and friends in DC area. Meet parents in DC.
  9. Spend two more months doing that.
  10. Be back in Madison by September 2.

This should be fun.