Randolph Warner Church Jr.

Remembering my uncle.

My father's sister's husband, my Uncle Ranny, passed away earlier this year. Even though I never spent much time with him, when I did get to visit him, he was always kind and nice to talk to.

When Ranny Church told me that his uncle was Alonzo Church of the Church-Turing thesis and the lambda calculus, I though he was joking about the fact that I was studying computer science and that he happened to share a last name with one of the fathers of theoretical computer science. But in fact, he wasn't joking. My uncle's uncle was the Alonzo Church (1903-1995), son of Samuel Robbins Church and Mildred Hannah Parker Church, Ranny's grandparents. I should take people at their word more often.

Randolph Warner Church Jr. (1934-11-06 – 2020-03-24)

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