High Priority Constitutional Amendments

A list of things that we should be seriously working on

A list of things that we should be seriously working on
  • Clarify and extend meaning of "republican form of government" in Article Four:

    • Affirmative right to vote and access to voting systems for all adult citizens.

    • Secure, transparent, secret ballot voting systems with independent statistical tests for accuracy.

    • Automatic, non-partisan electoral districting with the algorithm spelled out. (E.g.: Districts must be equal in population to within 0.5% and maximally compact (for some given definition of compact.))

  • Eliminate Electoral College; all adult US citizens directly vote for President and Vice President, regardless of where they live.

  • Uniform rules for election of elected federal officials (President, VP, Senators, Representatives):

    • Nonpartisan ranked-voting primaries for elected federal offices, to happen a fixed amount of time before the general election. Primary elections eliminate all but two candidates for office using instant-runoff rules.

    • Uniform rules for getting onto the primary ballot via a standardized petition process. Limit on number of primary candidates, with priority given to those with the most petition signatures.

  • Clarify that non-person legal entities are not people. The rights protected by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only.

  • Federal elected officials must use a true blind trust.

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