Zombie Dream

Last night I had a dream that I was fighting zombies. We rushed upstairs in the house where we were holed up, 'cause it's so easy for zombies to jump in through the downstairs windows. Now we only had a narrow staircase to defend. Luckilly it had a door at the top, too. The zombies were armed with derringers, so the usual thing that happened was that the zombies would shoot and miss, then we'd throw a heavy lamp at them and they's be knocked silly for a while but we couldn't steal their guns, cause they only had one shot. So we ended up having to hack the zombies up with a big knife or something. Eventually all of the people I was with were killed or zombiefied, and I was on the run. The funny thing about the whole thing was that neither I or the zombied had any special strength. In fact, they were kinda slow and easy to confuse.

Then I met the head zombie. He was slowly turning into an alien. His skin was becoming hard and scaly, and his fingers were becoming pointy, and his face was developing a beaklike structure. (Kind of like a Nivin Protector.) If this was a bad sci-fi movie, then there would be all of this scientific bullshit about space-born virus inteligence. But there wasn't, and that was refreshing. It helped that there was no know-it-all scientist character int he story at all.

Then I woke up.

What did I do before that? I got home at 1am, made some dinner, and listened to the BBC World Service on FM90.7 for a while until they started talking about sports.

What did I do before that? I went to see the Kissers play at Luther's. Good show.

I'm thinking of doing the Appalachian Trail (or a portion thereof) this summer. This seems like it might be a logistical challenge.