No war due to national drinking holiday.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. Kyle says that the war would have started today, but for that fact. Someone in the administration probably noted that it would be unseemly for Al-Jazeera to broadcast images of Americans geting roaring drunk on Jameson's, Guinness, and Harp on the day that we start an invasion. Probably worse than when some Palestinean punks cheered September 11.

I kinda think Kyle is right. About the timing issue, that is.

I had planned to sponsor a debate on the war next week, assuming it hasn't started yet. It looks like it won't happen.

It's spring today. It's time for me to switch to a lighter coat. That's too bad, 'cause I like my leather coat.

<Fish>< I've been working on a Fish Simulation, based on the thoughts of Chris Wilson.