Site Update! / Hardware Standards!

Site Update! (I wonder who reads this, anyway?)

I've been going back and rewriting the perl backend of this page. You shouldn't be able to tell a difference, but the code is a lot cleaner now. I've moved all of the reusable code into a .pm file so I can now knock out new cgi scripts much more quickly.

Yea! Reusable Code!

There's now a Blog Submission form, which will only work if you are logged in. And I'm the only one with a login right now. So if I know you, and you are looking for a place to log your thoughts, send me a note.

tiny computer with external keyboard I got sick of the tiny keyboard on my tiny notebook, so I went shopping for a keybord to throw in my suitcase when I travel. I need a full sized USB keyboard that doesn't take up more space than it has to. Since I only have one USB port on my notebook, I also need a USB hub. The ideal thing would be a keyboard with a built in hub, like Apple has. So I wandered around CompUSA looking for such a thing. It turns out that half of the PC keyboards out there still have PS/2 connectors. And all of the rest are huge, with 20 unnessisary buttons.

So I ended up buying an Apple Pro Keyboard. It works perffectly. The only thing it lacks is a context-menu button. And the alt and start buttons are reversed. But I can deal with those issues. Apple could make a killing if they would market thier keyboards at PC users.

Yea! Hardware Standards!