By Hal Canary, 2002-12-12 00:00:00 (link)

Only a little more than one more week of work left. Yeah!

Last weekend, I got tickets to the midnight showing of The Two Towers. And this week I picked up the soundtrack while doing some christmas shopping. It's growing on me. If nothing else, download and listen to “Golumm's Song”

Random internet radio station.

“Bleg” is my favorite metasyntactic variable.

Okay, here's the short list of classes for this winter. The ones
marked with *'s are the ones I have a preference for.

Class Time Prof Open Seats
*Math 475
2:25p MWF Yang, Tonghai 0
*Math 522
Advanced Calculus
11:00 MWF Chen, Xiuxiong 6
Math 542
Modern Algebra
9:30-10:45 TR Uhlenbrock, Dietrich 2
Math 571
Mathematical Logic
9:55 MWF Dolich, Alfred 0