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Installing linux my VAIO PCG-SRX87.

Getting my Canon PowerShot A40 to talk to Linux.

Software I've Written

rms Useful CLI trashcan (bourne shell)

mailmenu poorly written cgi (python)

hexagon math program written for SSL (c++)

shisen show Useless (c++)

Adress Book Reader grep is better (python)

ftpput & ftpget Useful scripts (perl)

fcp Useful scripts (perl)

Secureish Formmail Much better than the first one I ever used, which had a type things to decide where the mail should go. A spammer's dream. (perl)

The “Hello World!\n” Project hello world in many programming languages.


Classes from my Undergrad days.

Mathematics Research Center Sign.

My beliefs from back when I was young and knew it all. I was full of shit.


Notes on HTML design.

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