The Didactics of Hal Canary

My Success:

(1) Wrap your self in an air of intelligence, knowledge, self-assuredness, and sexiness.

Getting Your Money's Worth Out of Life: (Part One)

(2) Take chances.

Why I Don't Have All of The Answers:

(3) It turns out that an essential ingredient in love is a tiny pinch of magic.

Getting Your Money's Worth Out of Life: (Part Two)

(4)Take a big bite out of life. As much as you can get in your mouth.

The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra:

(5) A polynomial of n****th degree will have n roots.

Unfortunately, some roots may be doubled or complex. This means that the more complex a problem you have, the more solutions you have available to you.

The Uniqueness Theorem:

(6) An nth order ordinary differential equation with suitable initial conditions (i.e. that specify initial position and initial derivatives up to the n-1th derivative) has a unique solution.

This implies that the future is completely determined.

Well, that's misleading. First of all, many real systems exhibit chaotic behavior, so unless you can make infinitely precise measurements, you can't determine future events.

Furthermore, we're lucky enough to live in a world governed by quantum mechanics, so you know it's impossible to make arbitrarily precise measurements of position and momentum.

Having Fun, Part One:

(7) Even when you're invited, it's more fun to crash a party than to simply attend a one.

About My Beliefs.

(8) I don't "believe" in "truth."

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