Blog/site update

summary of last few years of site changes.

summary of last few years of site changes.

I now host this site on Github, since it is free and fairly easy for me to use. I push the new version of the site with a simple git push. I only pay for my domain name.

I am still using the same blog builder Python script I wrote years ago, but I've refactored it a dozen times. I also use a similar script to rebuild static pages from markdown source too.

Other changes:

  • Colors are either default or white-on-black for dark mode. Information that I used to de-emphasize with grey-on-white text is now put in a box.

  • Switch from original-flavor Markdown to CommonMark. Allows me to put markdown inside a <div>. For example:

    <div id="foobar" style="display:none;">
    > Foo
    > Bar
    <button onclick="document.getElementById('foobar')
                             .display = 'block';">
  • Reduce extra resources needed by a page:

    • The <link rel="icon"> is now a data: URL.
    • I inline all CSS.
    • I also inline a SVG version of my written name on the static pages as a banner. Effort was made to minimize the size. By vectorizing what was originally a scanned image, it is much smaller and looks really good on high-dpi screens.
  • Starting to try to meet accessibility standards.

  • Replace <a href="" onlick="...."> with <button>, since that is less of an abuse of html. It is more clear to the user that clicking that will change something on the page, not go to a new page.

  • Remove extraneous content from main page.