Writing Prompt

time-traveling post-human nanotech robot

time-traveling post-human nanotech robot

[WP] A post-human nanotech robot (PHNR) from the future time-travels to sometime in the first half of the twentieth century. They want to change the world for the better, but sets strict rules on themself to prevent themself from dominating humanity:

  1. no disclosing their own existence.
  2. no disclosing information or technology from the future.
  3. no direct involvement in wars or altercations.

Instead, PHNR uses tiny unnoticeable nanotechnology to spy on just about evey human on the planet. They feed some small amount of gathered information to appropriate groups.

For example, if PHNR observes a conspiracy to commit a murder, they may choose to send an anonymous letter to the local police so they can attempt to prevent the crime. If PHNR observes a crime, it can send a tip to the cops describeing the event and where evidence may be found.

PHNR uses this power judiciously: they never snitch on victimless criminals, rarely on minor crimes, never when it would give away too much information about their abilities. PHNR never assists corrupt government officials. They also send tips to journalists occasionally, especially about corrupt politicians and officials.

PHNR interferes in wars to give intelligence to the side it favors, if it favors one side. Otherwise it feeds information to civilian populations to help them avoid bombing and troop movements.