Java Makefiles

Java Makefiles

Here's a basic makefile for compiling Java programs. On most systems, you will only need to edit the first three lines.

classes = Prog.class AnotherClass.class
entrypointclass = Prog
jarfile = program.jar

JAVAC = javac
JAVA = java
JAR = jar
RM = rm -f
JCFLAGS = -Xlint -g 
JFLAGS = -enableassertions

.PHONY : clean all run
all: $(jarfile)
run: $(jarfile)
	$(JAVA) $(JFLAGS) -jar $(jarfile)
	$(RM) -v *~ $(classes)
$(jarfile): $(classes)
	$(JAR) cvfe $@ $(entrypointclass) $^
%.class :

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