Summer Non-house.

I had an idea for a beach non-house several years back but I'm not sure I ever wrote it down. Reading about the Dymaxion House reminded me of it.

I enjoy tent living, but dislike leaky tents and damp tent-floors. The latter issue can be solved by placing a wall tent on top of a inexpensive wooden platform — I lived like that for a summer while working at a summer camp. The camp had a small building with a real bathroom and laundry facilities.

So the idea I had was a large circular wooden platform on stilts with a solid waterproof roof and a prefab bathroom + kitchen + laundry in the center. Ideally, the platform and roof could be prefab and assembled in place.

The edge of the roof would have canvas walls which could be lowered in the event of heavy rain or a chilly night. Light rain without accompanying heavy winds could be ignored, since the roof would significantly overhang the platform.

Depending on local conditions, insect screens or nets may be installed around the edge of the platform. In that case, the platform will need to be well-sealed.

The bath is a single room with walls and door, but the kitchen is just a sink, stove, and fridge on one of the outside walls of the bathroom. It is expected that kitchen counters and cabinets would be provided by free-standing furnature.

Electric outlets are availible both in the kitchen center and under the roof, along with light fixtures and perhaps ceiling fans.

Since there is very little privacy, the idea is to place them in secluded spots in the woods. It's obviously not for everyone, but would be popular with the back-to-nature crowd.