the 90% diet

Updates to my diet: I've gone 90% vegan. That means that I have two or three meals a week that include meat and cheese. I also put milk in my coffee, but I only drink coffee a couple of times a week.

To make up for the protein, I'm eating a lot more beans and lentils. Lentils (like oatmeal porridge) can be cooked ahead of time. I'm experimenting with cooking them with veggies and spices. I'm also adding more variety of fresh veggies to the diet, including a lot of raw broccoli.

I've also gotten lazy about baking bread, so I'm buying whole-wheat bagels from the grocery and freezing them. I'll pull one out each day to thaw by lunch time. I can mop up the dressing off my salad bowl with the bread to season the bread and make cleanup faster.