Command-line Package Tools

Command-line package commands for Debian and Ubuntu-type systems that you should know:

apt-get update
    resynchronize the package index files

apt-get dist-upgrade
    install the newest versions of all packages currently installed and handle changing dependencies

apt-get install PKG
    install a package and figure out dependancies

apt-get remove PKG
    remove a package

apt-get clean
    clear out the local repository of retrieved package files

apt-cache showpkg PKG
    displays information about the package

apt-cache search REGEX
    search all available package lists for a regex pattern

dpkg-query --list PATTERN
    list installed packages matching given pattern

dpkg-query --status PKG
    report the status of specified package

dpkg-query --listfiles PKG
    list files installed to your system from a package

dpkg-query --search FILENAME
    search for a filename from installed packages

sudo dpkg --install DEBPKGFILE
    install a .deb package