I've gotten addicted to watching Netflix's streaming video on S.'s computer. It sounds like getting their service working on Linux is a total nonstarter. This makes me sad.

I've had a 100GB partition reserved for windows on this desktop since I built it last year, but I haven't used it yet. When I finally found my XP install disk, I thought I'd give it a shot, but I was disappointed to discover that the install program could not correctly read fdisk's partiton table on the SATA drive, and the install program would have write over random parts of other partitions.

So I decided to try a more modern Windows. I don't own a copy of Vista, and do not want to steal it, so I downloaded the release candidate for Windows Seven. Now I'm wrapping up a backup of the majority of my file-systems, in preparation to try it out.

* * *

UPDATE: Well, I got it working. Everything works except the Samsung ML-1210 printer.

* * *

UPDATE #2: Turnes out that the problem is that Windows XP, Service Pack Zero, does not recognize HDDs larger than 128 x 230 bytes.