Setting up icecast+liveice so I can stream music from my PC to the internet. A simple

sudo apt-get install -y liveice icecast-server

installs the software. Use

makepasswd --crypt

to make a password and a hash of that password for the icecast server. Edit the /etc/icecast/icecast.conf to put the hashed password in there. Set port, hostname, and server_name. I used my dyndns hostname for my server name and used 8888 for my port. I was sure to open that port on my firewall and forward it on my nat/router. Restart the server with

sudo /etc/init.d/icecast-server start

Check the logs with

tail -f /var/log/icecast/icecast.log

That will let you know if you have password errors connecting to the icecast server.

Now edit the file $HOME/.liveice.cfg by starting with the example found on the internets. Some of the values I put in are:

SERVER localhost
PORT 8888
PLAYLIST /home/hal/

Be sure to set all the values, not just the ones I listed.

# $HOME/bin/
find "${DIR}" -name '*.mp3' \
  | ${HOME}/bin/ \
  > ${HOME}/
exec liveice -F ${HOME}/.liveice.cfg \
  2> /dev/null

Now you're ready to start the liveice program. Read /usr/share/doc/liveice/README.liveice.gz to find out the commands for the curses frontend.

Check that it's working with

mplayer -quiet -cache 32

If I'm broadcasting, check me at at