Kayaking Photos

When we went kayaking, we took along a waterproof disposable camera. This was the first time I've gotten film deveoped in several years, so I din't know what Kodak can do with digitizing these days. The Kodac Picture CD contains a bunch of extranious software, but the images themselves are 1536x1024 JPEGs (1.5 megapixels). I suppose that's close to the limit of 35mm film.

The last time I had photos digitized by the developer was around 1999. I had Seatle Filmworks send me a floppy disc with low-quality 640x480 images in their proprietary format.

For web-purposes, I scaled them down to 900x600. Archive.

Peace River, 2006-09-10:

Estero River, 2006-09-17:
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