I moved my blog over to WordPress, which I have been meaning to do for years. It's finally come along to the point where it is fairly usable.

Update. I've put a lot of effort into writing a decent Wordpress theme for this site. I'm debating releasing this theme back to the community, versus keeping it all to myself.

Yesterday I worked on the comments page. The layout is somewhat reminiscent of the Livejournal comments layout. I am making use of Gravatars for user icons. So if you make a comment and want a fancy icon, be sure to use the same email as you use for your Gravatar account. For those worried about spam-bots harvesting your email from my comments page, don't worry: the Gravatar icon encodes you email in a MD5 one-way function.

I also went through all 614 imported posts and validated the HTML and verified that the import didn't screw up the post too much. That took a long time, but it was necessary. I think I had a lot of invalid HTML out there before the import.

I also wrote a .htaccess file to redirect every one of my old archive pages to the new archive pages. This was necessary because I intend permanent links to be permanent.