The one true way.

How to make iced tea. The one true way.

Any tea that does not use boiling water runs the risk of not killing
the bacteria that might be living in the tea leaves.

0) Make two trays of ice.

1) Bring about 1.5 quarts of water to a boil.

2) Get a two-quart pitcher (Thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is
good.) Add two large (6g) tea bags. Add about 5 cups of boiling
water (This will fill the pitcher about 60% of the way.)

3) Let steep for exactly 5 minutes.

4) Remove tea bags.

(Optional) Add sweetening agent now. This is completely unnecessary.
If you drink unsweetened tea for a while, you will acquire the taste
for it. The most common sweetening agent is sucrose, which should be
classified as a Schedule II Drug.

5) Fill the pitcher to the 2-quart line by adding
ice cubes. This will bring the tea down to room temperature.

6) Put it the the refrigerator to bring it down further. Or just pour
over ice to cool it immediately.

Drink within 12 hours, or it tastes bad.