Random thoughts on leaving Madison.

If I had a sailing boat, I'd sail away,
Sail the Gulf of Mexico, I'd sail to Charleston Bay.
If I stopped at New Orleans, I'd fish oceans springs.
Sail to the Florida Keys, and I've got friends along the way.
Once I got to Charleston Bay, sail back down again.
Sail down to Mexico, it's just a dream, my friend.

I'd like to get to know the sea, look up toward the sky.
See full sails. Feel so down. I can see it in my mind.
Maybe I'm dreaming, but some times they come true.
And if this one comes for me, well then you're invited too.
But if things should never change, I know just what I'll do:
Close my eyes and hold you close and I dream my dreams with you.

But if I had a sailing boat, I'd sail away,
Sail down to Mexico, it's just a dream, my friend.

— “Sailing Boat”, Catfish Stephenson

Eyes on the prize:

[the prize]

* * *

This is me the day I moved to Madison:


When I finally move away, will I look like that again?

* * *

For my upcoming move this summer, I'll be putting a portion of my possessions in storage. After hearing horror stories of people losing many books and papers to water damage, the plan is to line each box with a large garbage bag before filling it up. This way if there is flood damage, I won't lose everything.

Every possession of mine that I can't throw out will be hermetically sealed into boxes lined with garbage bags.

Everything that I don't need in the next six months goes into a storage unit while I figure out my long-term living situation. As I pack books into box after box, I have this feeling that I might not open these boxes for decades.

Sort of like my own personal time capsule. Cool.