Live to Read.

Books I read in the last month or so.

Vernor Vinge. A Fire Upon the Deep
Vernor Vinge. A Deepness in the Sky
Vernor Vinge. The Peace War
Vernor Vinge. “The Cookie Monster” ++ (read for free! 19617 words, 120 kB)
Vernor Vinge. “True Names”
Vernor Vinge. “Bookworm, Run!”
Vernor Vinge. “Fast Times at Fairmont High”
Robert Charles Wilson. Spin ++
Ken MacLeod. Learning the World
Charles Stross. Accelerando ++ (read for free! 145713 words, 856 kB)
Charles Stross. Singularity Sky
Charles Stross. Iron Sunrise
John Scalzi. Old Man's War
John Scalzi. Agent to the Stars ++ (read for free! 97239 words, 532 kB)
Arthur C. Clarke. Rendezvous with Rama
Gordon R. Dickson. Way of the Pilgram
Charles Matthews. Teach Yourself Go
Janice Kim. Learn to Play Go, Volume I

“++” denotes that you should go read this one immediately.

* * *

The queue:

Dan Simmons. Olympos
David Brin. Kiln People
Robert Charles Wilson. The Chronoliths
John Scalzi. The Ghost Brigades