A Visual Guide To Surviving Timeless Space

Spent a load of money on my car today. Battery, belt, & oil. It's probably all worth it.

I've also decided to reread “Oceans Unmoving” because it made no sense the first time through. It's a good self-contained story. (I'm assuming that it will end in the next week or so.) It reads better as comic book than as a daily comic strip. The author would also benefit from more editorial input.

This weekend, I watched the first series of The IT Crowd. Some of it was brilliant, and some of it was less so. The first episode is my current favorite.

I believe that every TV show should have limited runs. Tell your story, do a handful of variations on your theme, then end it. Bringing back Family Guy was probly a mistake; the new episodes don't add much. That said, there are no hard-and-fast rules on how many episodes is enough. FMA tells a single story in fifty-one episodes. Most sitcoms should be ended after a dozen episodes.