The last few days I've felt amazingly good. I've been waking up early, around 08:00 or 09:00, getting the right amount of caffeine (2L of DC are $.89 at Woodman's this week.), and sleeping nine or ten hours a day. The down side is that I've been falling asleep right after work every night.

It's nice not to sleep through most of the nine-hour day.

I may even finish cleaning the Fortress of Solitude today.

* * *

Driving around in the snow last night was stressful. Maybe I'll get used to it. But I had no mishaps.

* * *

I'm going to wait until it warms up a few more degrees before I go outside and change the headlight on the car.

* * *

How could you ever use a text editor without the downcase-word, upcase-word, and capitalize-word functions? In Emacs it's Alt-l, Alt-u, and Alt-c.