Dr. Canary my butt.

I wrote the first draft of that paper four years ago and submitted it
almost two years ago. Yes, I know it's crap, Just go ahead and tell me.

From: Brendan McKay <xxx@xx.xxx.edu.au>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 12:05:16 +1000
To: Hal Canary <xxx@xxx.xxxxxxx.xxxx.xxx>
Cc: xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.edu, xxxxxxxx@xxxx.xxxx.edu, xxxxx@xxxx.xxxx.edu
Subject: The status of your Baxter diamonds paper with E-JC

Dear Dr. Canary,

We are sorry that your paper is taking so long to process.
It is now with its 4th referee, who has had it since July 27
this year. The other referees failed to deliver; in particular
referee #2 kept promising for a year until I gave up on him.
I'm hopeful that the current referee will break the pattern,
but in any case I won't be so patient this time.

Brendan McKay (Editor-in-Chief) [Electronic Journal of Combinatorics]