Second-Stage Deliverator

The last week...

Last Friday I want to see some really horrible bands, folowed by a good band. There may or may not have been a ninja attack.

Saturday I worked and avoided the universe.

Sunday I vegged.

Monday was Memorial day. I went on a 15 mile bike ride, meeting up with J and with S and H for parts of it. I was in pain by the end of it. My butt was sore for a couple of days.

I avoided the uiverse for the next few days. I did manage to visit with friends Wednesday, though.

This week has not been a highly profitable one in the world of pizza delivery. Something about the first of the month attracts those people who are least likely to tip the driver at all.

Tonight we were over-staffed and I went home early. I was productive and cleaned a lot of my apartment.

Plans for tommorrow (today): Up early, clean, bicycle downtown for brunch, stopping at the post office and at the bank on my way. Stop by the Uni library for some rare Doc Smith books. Bike home. Go to B+N's if time permits. Go to work. Overcaffinate myself. Stay up all night. Work on some schoolwork sunday.