Random Life Update Ramble.

Last week I had no work Monday to Wednesday. My original plan was to drive into he woods and camp by myself. I ended up staying in Madison and hanging out with Sebastien and pretending to be an artist.

My sketchpad is now full of crappy drawings.

Sebastien is moving away end of summer. Entropy, you know.

My internet was out last week. That helped me spend more time

I am kinda depressed over school. I'm not a very good student anymore. Positive Hal says that there is little to no correlation between being a good education student and being a good educator. Negative Hal would like to point out that the Department of Public Instruction disagrees.

I rented Saved and Solaris last night. Those were both movies that I had missed because life seemed more important than watching movies at the time. I give them each a B.

There was a point in time when I watched almost every new movie that hit the theaters. I went to the $3 5pm matinee+stale popcorn+flat coke deal at the Cinema Showcase Twelve at least once a week. And if midnight rolled around and we wanted to see a movie, they always had midnight shows.

That was twelfth grade for me. A lot of poker. A lot of spades/hearts/clubs. A lot of console gaming. A lot of 5pm movies. A lot of eight ball. A lot of hanging out in the school parking lot. A lot of watching the sunset on a city of trees from Noble's eighth-floor balcony. A lot of the god-forsaken Imperial Society of Stapleremovers. A lot of wonderfully wasted time.

Stupid memory lane.

I'm taking a couple of summer classes. In series, not parallel. The first one is "Principles of Career and Vocational Education". There are 10.5 hours total classroom hours. A two credit class normally spends three times that long in class. I might grow to love summer classes.

The delivery job goes well. If my mind continues to deteriorate, I think I would like to do deliveries or drive a cab as a career. Probably not food for the rest of my life.

I now have Sundays off. Not this weekend, but maybe next, I'll organize a poker night. This time, I promise not to cancel, even if no one shows up.

Sara left town this week, taking away access to her canoe. She said we were going to go canoeing. Liar.

I will be visiting faily and backpacking in East Tennessee the first two weeks of August. That will be fun. Except maybe for the family part.

This evening will be spent deleting trash off of the hard drive, cleaning the house, laundry, and cleaning the beer out of my good clickity keyboard. Maybe I'll leave the house, too.