sleep/green lake/oil/comic books/pbrbq/blue tie

Wednesday I stayed up late in a misguided attempt to enjoy my life. Even thought I only had to be at work by 10am, I was still groggy. A short nap in the afternoon before the other work didn't help much. Friday I had to get before 6 and drive to Green Lake. As soon as I got back, I went to work. All day Thursday and all day Friday I was short on sleep. Not enough to kill anyone, just enough that I was operating at less then 100%.

I just slept for about 10 hours. Nice.

Today, I'm going to go get the oil changed in the jeep (he's been subtly complaining about his dirty oil for weeks). Then I'm going to go take advantage of free comic book day. At noon it's brunch with the geeks. Then pre-PBRBQ at Josh's until they call me into work.

I may or may not be going to L+L this evening. I think I'll just throw clean clothes in the truck and put them on after work if the need arises. I do have a new electric blue tie I want to wear.