Installing Wordpress with MySQL



WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing
platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and
usability. Uses PHP and MySQL. Licenced under the GPL.


The MySQL database server is the world's most popular open
source database. It is released under the GPL.

In a properly configured Fedora/Redhat system you can install MySQL with yum. You'll need atleast the following packages: mysql-server, mysql, and php-mysql, as well as php and httpd. Assuming that your web server is already set up and working with php.

$ sudo yum install mysql-server mysql php-mysql

(Restart httpd after installing php-mysql.) With a fresh install of mysql, you'll need to start the server daemon and set things up.

$ sudo /sbin/service httpd restart
$ sudo /sbin/service mysqld start
$ sudo /sbin/chkconfig --level 35 mysqld on

The mysql "root" password is initially blank, so don't worry and hit return if it prompts you:

$ mysqladmin -u root -p password 'pick_a_good_password'
$ mysql -u root -p
mysql> CREATE DATABASE wordpress;
mysql> GRANT ALL ON wordpress.*
       TO wordpress_user@localhost
       IDENTIFIED BY 'pick_another_good_password';

Now you are set. Write down that info:

Database Name : wordpress
User Name     : wordpress_user
Password      : pick_another_good_password
Database Host : localhost
Table Prefix  : wp1_

Now, download the latest version from: . Then as a user with write access to /var/www/html, do:

$ cd /var/www/html
$ wget -nv
$ tar xzf latest.tar.gz

Then it should be as simple as pointing your browser to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php snd going from there.

UPDATE: 2004-08-27 How I installed Wordpress on

Since I already had a MySQL database set up, I just had to choose a uniqe prefix. Movable Type tables use the prefix mt_. So I set my Wordpress prefix to wp1_. Here are the tables used by both programs, according to phpMyAdmin:

mt_author	wp1_categories
mt_blog		wp1_comments
mt_category	wp1_linkcategories
mt_comment	wp1_links
mt_entry	wp1_optiongroup_options
mt_ipbanlist	wp1_optiongroups
mt_log		wp1_options
mt_notification	wp1_optiontypes
mt_permission	wp1_optionvalues
mt_placement	wp1_post2cat
mt_plugindata	wp1_postmeta
mt_tbping	wp1_posts
mt_template	wp1_users

I'm getting ahead of myself. Before I got that far, I unpacked the wordpress tarball locally, used a gui ftp program to recursivly copy over the directory. I renamed ~/public_html/wordpress/ to ~/public_html/wp/ for brevity's sake. I then had to change the permission mode on that directory to 777 so that the install program could make the wp-config.php file. Then I made a ~/public_html/b/ directory and copied index.php from the wp/ directory there. This way my permlinks will be to, and not to

Then I browsed to http://halcanary/wp/ and did the setup.