Backup Strategy

I've got a Backup Strategy for my home computers!

1. I only care about my desktop (lensman), my email server (ups), and my web server ( My laptop (hiro) and my mediapc (dalek) contain no files that need backup.

2. Backup ups to lensman by way of rsync-over-ssh. Backup by way of wget-over-ftp.

3. I've segregated my files into directories:

  • /home/hal contains normal home-diectory stuff: rc files, documents, scripts, temporary stuff, note-to-self.txt note-about-*.txt, etc. A lot of small crap. 1.4G, but since its so much text, it compresses down to 634M to fit on a CDR. If i gets much bigger, I'll move directories out of it.
  • /mnt/d/music is all *.mp3's. It lives on a seperate drive. backup is a hassel. A seperate issue.
  • /home/files contains a bunch on stuff that doesn't nessisarily need to be backed up. Mostly large files. Mostly stuff I got off of the internet. If I lose it, I will find it again. If I need to delete it I might consider putting it on CDR first. A lot of *.iso and *.avi *.pdf.
  • /home/files/Photos is a seperate directory because it is big (I take a lot of digitals and don't ever delete the original images). 846M. A few months ago, it fit on a CDR. I might segregate it into pre-2004 and post 2004 directories.

If I am going to reinstall the OS, I'll grab a copy of /etc, but none of the system files need to be backed up

UPDATE 2004-08-12: I made a few changes last night:

  • /home/files/Backups contains mirrors of my files on and ups. It is currently 444M; it fits on a CDR.
  • /home/files/Photos-pre-2004 is just what it sounds like.