Doom 3


I picked up Doom3 yesterday.

technical. It plays well at 1024x768 on my Radeon 9200 (with the proper drivers). This makes me happy. I need 5.1 speakers for my computer to get the full effect, but the sound works well in stereo.

linux. Linux binaries have not yet been released. In the mean time, I have been banished to windows-land. Poor me.

suspense. That's what the game is all about isn't it? Doom3 has got suspense. A lot of the skill is learning that if zombies don't have guns, they can't shoot you. Keep your flashlight on them untill they are five feet away from you. Then pull out your shotgun and shoot at where you last saw them. Demons, on the other hand, move quickly and can't be killed with a single blast. Shoot them until they die. But knowing how to use the flashlight is important.

graphics. What can I say? No screenshot can do the overall effect justice, because the cinamatography is so subtle. It's like Id realized the limitations of the graphics and designed a game to emphasize the strengths of the engine and not the weaknesses. (screenshots)