Got Burgled

I was burgled sometime in the last week or so.

The perp entered the basement (1) with a key or (2) thorugh a door that did not fully close. He then opened the storage locker next to mine, which is not locked, and cut through the chickenwire seperating my space form the next space.

They took:

  1. A 19" monitor that doesn't work.
  2. Two old external-frame backpacks. My new backpack was safely in my bedroom.
  3. My spare sleeping bag.
  4. Two old tents, both of which have broken zippers and smell like mildew.
  5. A rain fly that is missing its poles.
  6. Maybe some other things.

With the exception of the spare sleeping bag, I was planning on giving most of these things to goodwill. They are, as far as I know, worthless.

They left most of the things I had a personal attachment to, such as boxes of old mementos (though they went through them all.) and the old rug (which may be worth money).

Now I need to get more worthless but valuable-looking stuff to act as a decoy.

UPDATE 2004-08-11: They also took my window air conditioner. I haven't used it since I moved in here.