Nobody's saying it.

Nobody's saying it, so I will. We should walk away from Iraq. Spend one month organizing elections (if we can conquer a nation in that amount of time, surely we can buy ballot boxes and 25 million little slips of paper?), hold an election, and walk away.

IF we were ever justified in starting this war to begin with, it was to remove WMD. Well, there's nothing left to be done on that task, so let's go. Our occupation has no further justification. Let's just leave. We can't take responsibility for governing the world. Let it go. Count to ten and walk away.

now i walk and skulk and fret, wondering what we've become
colden madly monsters in the heat of our revenge

UPDATE 2004-08-11: I still feel this way, although it does seem like a pessimistic position to take. Would we be better off if we had pulled out of Vietnam in 1965? I say yes.