I just got rhythmbox working for the first time. I needed to do a “sudo yum install gstreamer-plugins-mp3”. Of course!

Review to follow.

UPDATE 1:00 pm.

It would seem that I stayed out all night and then came home and figured out how to make rythembox work. Huh?

Okay. here's the deal. My distro, FC1, ships with a broken copy of xmms. You can get xmms-mp3 from the Livna.org repository, but xmms still looks like crap. So if you get Ryhtembox, its dependances (like gstreamer), and gstreamer-plugins-mp3, you get a much better music player.

F, it just hung. Damnit.

UPDATE 2004-08-11: I've been happy with rhythmbox for the last several months. I reccomend. Yet it still needs a few more features.