From David Brooks' March 16 Column (link):

I am trying not to think harshly of the Spanish. They have suffered a grievous blow, and it was crazy to go ahead with an election a mere three days after the Madrid massacre.

Because democracy isn't worth it in the face of terrorism. The USA has suffered a grievous blow, and it would be crazy to go ahead with an presidential election a mere three years after the 9/11 massacre. Oh well, I guess that we'll just let GWB be president for life.

Nor is America itself without blame. Where was our State Department? Why hasn't Colin Powell spent the past few years crisscrossing Europe so that voters there would at least know the arguments for the liberation of Iraq, would at least have some accurate picture of Americans, rather than the crude cowboy stereotype propagated by the European media? Why does the Bush administration make it so hard for its friends? Why is it so unable to reach out?

Maybe because the war was unjustified? Maybe every time Colin Powell went to another country and asked for help, they asked for evidence against Iraq and he HAD NONE.