Kicking Ass

The name of the DNC's blog is Kicking Ass. Ha!

Last night Mark and I ranted at each other for several hours. We want to come to the following conclusions:

  1. Thing are bad, but things have never ever really been good.
  2. This country is run by them, and they won't do the right thing, no matter how many people rally against them. There is nothing we can do, not while the masses are . . . well, how they are.
  3. So what if thousands of Iraqis died in the war? So what if hundred of Americans died and are dieing? There ain't much we could do about it anyway. This is still nothing compared to the second world war. In April 1862, 23000 people died over a two day period at Shiloh. None of the current troubles comes close to that, by an order of magnatude.
  4. So what if our economy is screwed? It is screwed by the facts. Americans consume a large percentage of the resources of the planet. We can't keep that up, forever. Eventually, after enough high-paying jobs are exported to the rest of the world, we will reach a new equilibrium, where Americans are all just poorer. It'll be okay. We can't keep the rest of the planet down forever. Look, the dollar has already lost 29% of its value in the past two years. Only $0.71 left to go.