I woke up this morning and wandered into the living room. Other people bring home girls from parties, I have someone else's sparc-station sitting on my coffee table.

Yesterday I worked from home in the morning. I mangled my email with a photo: (my email address is my first name at this domain.) I still don't know if that is a good or bad approach to reducing spam.

After some research, I now think it will be trivial to backport my java 1.2 applets to 1.1.

Went to the math colloqium. Didn't understand much, but there were pretty topology-type pictures. Also tried to socalize with mathematicians before-hand. Don't know enough of them.

Went to LUG, and got some pointers on iptables. Realized that I had met Staci at First Friday Party in past. Gave her ride to this one, but she left a sparc sation in my car. I brought it in out of the cold last night. That is why it's in my living room.