Magnatune, Free Products, SSL, DDP.

Yesterday, I slept in some, but not as much as I thought I would need. Washed some dishes. Burned two cd's from Magnatune's Electronica mp3 collection. Caught 9:50 bus.

Went to class. Learned about free groups and free products.

If I were a buddist philosopher, I would write a book called The Big Book of Buddah. (It's an alliteration, see?)

Tried to study for ssl, didn't learn much, but instead I took nap. Nice nap.

Went to SSL. Today was individual meetings with Jim. Much more fun was brainstorming with the kids. (I include John as a kid even though he is probably five years older than me.) We decided to meet Monday at 3:30 for more fun. I don't want to be a serious mathematician if it means being serious all the time.

Put out v1.2 of TOAD Shuffler. (Took ~2 hours)

Went to store and bought many 2liters of diet dr.p.