A Dream

It was cool last niught and I had my window open. I slept well and woke up 90 seconds before the alarm. Somehow that inspired me to have the most interesting dream.

I was flying somewhere, after not flying in years. I was still afraid of surfacte-to-air missiles, but fiinally decided that I could take a chance on air travel again. I had jsut got on the plane when I had a vision. The plane was not going to make it to its destination. I got off of the plane before it left the gate. As I was leaving, I noiticed that the pilot who was boarding looked drunk or ill.

As I stod in the terminal, I watched the plane take off, and then crash into the ground. My fears were justified. I got out my cell and called for a ride home. I immediately got a couple of messages from people who wanted to know if I was alive.

As I walked out of the terminal, a female security guard asked me to come with her. I obliged, until she led me into a scary part of the airport. Then I said I didn't want to come with her, or I would be happy to talk to her, but maybe in a nice conference room somewhere. Another security guard walked up then, noticed that I was making trouble and pulled a gun on me. The first guard told the second that he shouldn't point a gun at me, but he didn't listen. I fought the second guard, and managed to shoot him in the fight. I then unloaded the pistol and threw it away. I then told the first guard to get lost. I ran.

When I got outside, my ride pulled up. This was a skinny punky girl who only appears in this dream. She was driving crazy and I told her that we had to make a fast getaway. She stepped on it and drove down the wrong way down one of those one way drives at the airport. I mentioned that we would probably attract less attention if we went the right way and drove casual.

That's where I woke up.