Media PC


As I've mentioned before, I'm putting together a media pc. I started with my old computer, dalek, and put it in a new case. Then I hooked the video card's s-video output up to my television and the sound up to my stereo. When I tried to turn it on two days ago nothing happened. So I went to bed. Yesterday, I opened it up and found that the power supply was not plugged into the motherboard snugly. After fixing that, it booted.

It is running Knoppix off of a CD. Right now, XFree86 is not sending the TV a good signal, so I'm stuck in console mode. So no watching movies on dalek yet. But I did pop in a CD full of mp3's and it could play them using mpg123.

To Do:

  1. Get XFree86 working.
  2. Play DVDs
  3. Get my router working.
  4. Get dalek onto the network.
  5. Share music & video from lensman's harddrive using samba.
  6. Play video games with emulators.

That photo I just took is meant to show one thing. Since it's a black case, it doesn't stand out much. Which is exactly how things should be. It's just another component in my A/V system. Eventually, the system should consist of (1) a media pc, (2) an amplifier & speakers and (3) a screen.

UPDATE 2004-12-02: A while back I broke down and threw a 8 GiB HDD into dalek and installed FC. This eventually got 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 working. I use scp instead of samba. I just don't trust samba.