Hippy Christmas/Dreams

Today is hippy christmas. I should go downtown, wander around, and look for good junk. For those not in the know, leases for students in downtown Madison traditionally run from August 15 to August 14. Consequently, everyone is homeless for 24 hours. Another consequence is that there a lot of abandned junk on the street. I don't really need any junk, but I might find a few gems.

I had some odd dreams last night. The first involved a couple of somewhat evil time travelers showing up in my apartment. They roughed my up, then I demanded that they tell me something cool so that I'd know that they were from the future. They told me about an undiscovered island near Myanmar. Supposedly there was somemthing cool there. (Very old-school sci-fi, huh?)

The second phase of my dreaming was odd. I go over to help a friend move and he asks if I'm moving. Then I suddenly realize that my lease is up today. I have to go home and pack my things! But then I remember that I renewed my lease. Then suddenly I'm back in my three bedroom apartment on Vilas Ave. One roommate has already moved out and taken off for Africa, and the other is waiting until the last minute to move out. But I've renewed the lease, and I have to find two new roomates. Luckilly the apartment has been transformed into a rather large house with hardwood floors.

For some reason Jenn is in town on business and she stays with me since I have a unused room. The Vilas House (which only exists in my dream) had a couple of large empty rooms and a kitchen on the first floor. The front room had a single couch a TV. Jenn mostly sat on the couch and played video games while she was around; I did not talk to her much.

The second floor had two bedrooms, and a large open space with a balcony overlooking a room on the first floor. There was a third floor, which consisted of that twisty room that Jill had lived in.

Then people started showing up. At first there were a couple of aquantences I knew who were in town for a wedding. I let them sleep in the empty dining room because that had nowhere else to go.

Then a large number of people I didn't know who were in town for a church convention showed up. They had heard that I had space for people to crash. I said that they could sleep on the floor, but they didn't like that option. So they eventually left. I thought about building bunk beds and starting a flophouse, but I decided that was a bad idea. This house was meant for cooler things.