Recipe time

(serves one).

  1. Go out and buy a little rosemary plant. Plant it in your garden.
  2. Pull off a sprig. Take it inside.
  3. Take one frozen chicken breast, and cut it up into thin slices. Marinade with rosemary and crushed red and black pepper.
  4. Go watch some TV
  5. On medium-high heat, fry the chicken with a dab of olive oil.
  6. While the chicken is cooking, cut up onegreen bell pepper and one small onion
  7. When the chicken is almost done cooking, throw in the veggies.
  8. Stir it all around for a minute or so.
  9. Pour in a large splash of merlot
  10. Stir it all around for a minute or so.
  11. Add a cover and steam for a minute or so.
  12. Stir fry until the juice is almost gone, then serve.