comics and driving


Elijah Snow I've been reading comics recently. Working my way through Warren Ellis' Planetary and Transmetropolitan.

The first two volumes of Planetary are great, but the crossover books I read really didn't have much going for them. For instance, Planetary/Authority book shows the weakness of the the idea of having comic book universes. If both the Planetary organization and the Authority exist in the Wildstorm universe, then why doesn't Elijah Snow just call for the Authority's help in getting rid of the Four? That would seem to be a task better suited to a team of overpowered superheros than a team of overpowered archaeologists.

Transmet, on the other hand, is flawless so far. This shows the importance of having well-rounded characters.


I used to share a flat with a guy named Andy Szudy. He had a habit of jumping in a car on summer evenings and driving around the Wisconsin countryside. I didn't understand the urge that well, but this summer I've got the bug. I just drove out to the video store and thouroughly enjoyed driving through the cool night.

I kind of want to get in the car and take off. Unfortunately, I have nowhere to go.