watercolor of Devil's Lake, WI I stayed up til dawn last night. Insomnia led to one of the most productive days in months. I spent a lot of time cleaning up the mp3's on my hard drive. The problem was that I had not decided how to go about organizing them until I had already massed a couple of gigs of them. Each file should have a correct id3 tag and a filename of

A lot of my old files had filenames that included spaces or non-ascii characters. These are a pain in the ass when your main mp3 player is command line mpg123. What kind of idiot came up with the concept of spaces in filenames anyways?

I now have 8 240 250 880 bytes of music.

I also paid my bills, cleaned my apartment, did dishes, folded laundry, threw out old clothes, and reorganized parts of my closet.

As of June 2, my 273 phone number will cease to work. When I get back to town at the end of the summer, I will finally be forced to get high speed internet access. I find it off that internet connection costs never seem to go down. You would think that as the technology continued to mature, costs would go down. I have some bad habits when it comes to keeping track of pieces of paper. I tend to organize them by placing them in little stacks and the forgetting about them until I realize that all of these stcks of paper have now bneen mixed together again and need to be resorted before I can find anything again. If only I could just throw things away sooner.

I have reciepts for every dollar I've spent for the past six years. I have never once looked at a single one after it went into the pile.