Some cool things in my life

Some cool things in my life:

  1. I heard Stephen Wolfram talk. That was much cheaper than buying his book. And I don't need another thick book to work on at the moment. I'm currently trying to get through Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. It has taken me a year to get through 15% of the book.
  2. Last sunday I heard a live harpsichord performance of the first prelude & fugue from The Well-Tempered Klavier. That was unexpected.
  3. I finally got the broken seat in my car fixed. I am no longer driving a wreck-waiting-to-happen.

Cool Factoid of the week: Owen Taylor says, “Support for changing resolutions on the fly was just added to XFree86 CVS a couple of days ago.”

Inane Comment of the Week: “If cloning is banned then only bans will have clones!”

Cool link of the week: Checker Shadow Illusion.

Coming soon: my review of Psyche.