RH 7.3

I've installed RedHat 7.3. Everything works well. My review:

Gnome 1.6 - sucks.

KDE3 - Works well. I haven't yet decided between KDE3 and WindowMaker for my window manager/desktop environment. KDE's fonts are okay. And their font installer app rocks.

Ximian Evolution - I got it to sync with my palm!

Konq - As a browser, it sucks. As a file manager, it's okay (not that I need a file manager). It seems to be on par with Nautilus.

KDE Console. - It's got tabbed windows. I like this a lot. I'd like it more if I knew what keyboard shortcut moves between tabs.

The evil noises in KDE when you mess with windows. - I turned that shit off.

KDE's mp3 player - okay, once I leaned how set up the playlist. I've gotten sick of xmms's crappy fonts.

Connecting to the internet. "rp3 -i ppp0" (the gui option) or "alias u '/sbin/ifup ppp0'" (the CLI option). Should I forget my old-fashoned fASCIIst ways and go the way of the point and click? I don't know.