More photos.

1997-1998 School Year

This was my roommate when I was a freshman.

My old roommate Ted, with neighbors Melissa and Maria

That year I tried to learn how to race sailboats.
I failed, but I ended up with this photo of
The Women of the Wisco Sailing Team, Midwinters 1998

Ted Burdett was going to major in archeology.
He lost intrest after dressing a Indiana Jones for Halloween.

This was a normal school night.
I didn't take many classes that semester.

Ted and a chair he rescued from certain death

Holiday Joy, with Nick and Ted

Clockwise: Myself, Matt, Ted, Hans

Lisa and Myself

Matt Swanson and Myself at the Arboretum, winter 1998

Myself, February 1998. That's about as long as my hair gets.

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