Blog/site update

I now host this site on Github, since it is free and fairly easy for me to use. I push the new version of the site with a simple git push. I only pay for my domain name.

I am still using the same blog builder script I wrote years ago, but I've refactored it a dozen times. I also use a similar script to rebuild static pages from markdown source too. I switched from original-flavor Markdown to CommonMark.

I also just pushed out a few more style changes. I no longer specify any colors at all on the site. My CSS with respect to text is limited to

media screen { body { font-family: sans-serif; } }

which is a pretty resonable thing to ask for. Serifed fonts do not look as good on a screen.

Information that I used to de-emphasize with grey-on-white text is now put in a box.

Other changes:

(A flag for the US Democratic Party)